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Listen Longer 

Listen Longer 

Let’s talk for a second. What does the phrase Listen Longer mean to you? Having meaningful conversations with the people who are closest to you can be difficult, which is why we at Listen Longer are trying to provide some tools to help make meaningful connections.

For young people, having a trusted adult or peer in their life to talk to is a major determining factor in living a healthy life, but many youth in our county report that those kinds of connections and meaningful conversations are missing. It doesn't matter where you start. Just start talking.

Questions to start listening.

How are you doing today?

What would you say if a friend asked you to do something you weren't comfortable doing?

Has anything brought you joy today?

Listening is Prevention

For all the adults and parents in Chaffee County, it's time to start listening to our youth - the responsibility to start the conversation begins with you. Our research tells us that young people in our county have a lot of misconceptions about drug and alcohol use. If you can listen well and non-judgmentally, you will then be in a place to clear up those misconceptions and help young people make healthy and informed choices for themselves.



We have partnered with Forward Together Colorado to provide resources to both parents and youth. Please explore the links below for guidance around building stronger relationships with the people in your life.

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