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Supporting The Heart Of Our Community

FYI strengthens Chaffee County by reducing risks in families, youth, and community through evidence-based programs and personal connections.

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Our Work

FYI has been working with families, youth, and the community in Chaffee County for the past 18 years. Our purpose is community development and prevention through connection and support.

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Healthy households are the foundation of thriving communities. Family-focused programs create strong bonds and evidence-driven change.


Our youth programs provide a fun and nurturing environment where young people can learn, develop, and acquire valuable life skills. 


Our community-based initiatives seek to create an environment where people feel secure, healthy, and happy. We open doors, remove obstacles, and provide support.

What We're Up To

Get Involved

Whether you’re interested in volunteering or participating in programing, our team can’t wait to meet you. 

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