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Volunteer with FYI


We guarantee low pay (okay...well actually no pay), hard work, potential for awkward moments of silence, deep intrinsic reward possible.... with some fun and laughter thrown in


You can volunteer for a day, a few times a year, once a month, or once a week. 

Volunteers give thousands of hours of their time and we couldn’t accomplish our mission without them.


Help us to partner with youth and families to build strengths. 



Some Ways to Get Involved

  • Become a Mentor! You do not need any special experience... just be a regular person with a big heart and we will provide training and support.

  • Support a Parenting Skills class by preparing dinner, co-facilitating a class (we will train you!), presenting about a community resource, or teaching a game. 

  • Volunteer at one of our many events! We are always looking for local talent to teach a skill to youth and/or families. 

  • Reduce youth substance use by engaging as a community partner in the Chaffee County Youth Alliance. 

Please contact Andrea Schulz-Ward if you have questions or are curious about ways to support the youth and families in our community.

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