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Kelsey Leva

Mentor Program Coordinator

Kelsey Leva was raised in the Arkansas Valley and returned to the area in 2022 with her partner to raise her own family in her home town. She received her bachelor’s of science degree at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in human biology. The common theme in Kelsey’s career has always been working in service of youth and families. Her experience includes a variety of roles with non-profit and government agencies such as the Boys and Girls Club, the YMCA, local early childhood councils, and public health.

Kelsey is passionate about starting conversations, building relationships, and transforming systems that elevate young people and families. In her free time, Kelsey can be found reading a good book, gardening, cooking, and enjoying (most of the time) outdoor activities with her family. 


To contact Kelsey Leva, Mentor Program Coordinator


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