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Youth @ Crossroads Coordinator

James has worked with youth and young adults in Chaffee county since December 2022. Born and raised in Nashville, James has been making a home in rural Colorado since 2017–previously in Gunnison and now in the Poncha Springs / Salida area.


Outside of work you’ll find James meandering the grandeur and beauty of our surrounding mountain ranges on a splitboard, on a gravel bike, or in a pair of running shoes. He delights in the fact that “trail running” has a generous enough definition so as to include hiking up mountains and then running down them. James, therefore, is a trail “runner.” He considers it a gift that his constant companions in such endeavors are his wife, Jennifer, and their four-legged furball, Nooma, a seventy-pound muppet (read: doodle) with enough energy to sustain a small power plant. 


You can reach James at 719.207.2461 (work cell) or email him at

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