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Parenting Programs Coordinator

Sarah has lived in Chaffee County for 12 years with her two fabulous sons.  She has been a Nurturing Parenting Facilitator for 10 years and is passionate about the Nurturing Parenting Program because of the positive impact it has on families and the community. “Supporting families is vital for our children and to have strong, engaged communities. When our parents feel connected, valued, and safe they are able to grow and raise confident, empathetic, aware children.  Raising children is the most difficult job, and we want families in our community to know they are not alone, and that there are resources to help them grow and feel supported.”

Sarah has over 20 years of experience working with families and individuals in the social work field.  She holds an MSW in Social Work from Colorado State University.  In her free time Sarah enjoys outdoor activities, pillow fights, and performing on stilts with the Salida Circus.

To contact Sarah Green, Nurturing Parenting Program Coordinator


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