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Youth Classes

FYI’s Youth Programs are evidence based risk reduction classes for Chaffee County youth. FYI helps facilitates universal prevention programs for middle school & high school students. As well as secondary prevention programs which are targeted youth classes for youth that are engaged in high risk behaviors.
Chaffee FYI 2020-2021 classes include:

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Universal Prevention classes

  • Our universal prevention classes are offered in middle and high school to every youth, typically the curriculum is taught during health class. The goal of universal prevention is to give youth the skills and information to make healthy and productive choices. 

  • We are currently teaching LifeSkills Trainings across the county.

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Secondary Prevention classes

  • Secondary Prevention consists of strategies or classes targeted to youth who are demonstrating unhealthy decisions. Our goal is to provide education and supportive resources for youth to make better decisions and stay out of the judicial system. 

  •  We currently offer: Project Towards No Drugs & Moral Reconation Therapy

Pro Social and fun activities

  • We offer at least one fun activities and one community service activity each month for youth involved in our classes. We want to provide and demonstrate healthy and positive activities!

Jewlery making.JPG

Making copper jewelry at Riveting Experience


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Cassie Stauch- 719-530-2582

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Prosocial event- Noah's Ark ropes course

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