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Nurturing Parenting Program

The Nurturing Parenting Program (NPP) consists of evidence-based weekly parenting skills classes. Each evening begins with families eating a meal together. After dinner parents and their children meet in separate groups to engage in learning new skills. Parents learn nurturing skills through discussions, role playing, sharing of experiences, and facilitator led lessons. Children learn nurturing skills through games, fun activities, stories, puppets, and discussions. The evening ends with parents and children coming back together for a whole group discussion.

For ongoing support, FYI offers monthly family-to-family NPP dinners or outings for continued social support and learning. 

                   2022 Fall Classes                 

















To learn more contact:

Caroline Brackmann at 719-530-2535 or



“The most important things I’ve learned are to have more empathy for my teen with his changing teen brain; to pursue the “needs” and in the process to become less deprived while becoming more developed.”

NPP Teen Parent

“This class gave me more courage in myself because I have the tools and support I need to be a better parent and a better me.”


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