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Individualized Case Management

Community Partnership for Families was established in Colorado in 2013. The program operates under Colorado Community Response (CCR) program in partnership with the Department of Human Services as a promising practice for preventing child neglect and is considered one of the cornerstone prevention programs in our state. CCR is a two-generation strategy and was developed using the Strengthening Families Protective Factors Framework.

Building Stronger Families Together

The Community Partnership for Families' goals are to provide comprehensive voluntary services for families, reduce re-referrals to child welfare, and increase families’ protective capacities by promoting individual, family, and community strengths.

Eligibility And Details

Community Partnership for Families is voluntary and primarily serves families who have been reported to child welfare for alleged child abuse or neglect, but who are not receiving services because the referral was 1) screened out, or 2) screened in for further assessment, but the assessment was closed because the report could not be substantiated. As of 2021, CCR sites can now enroll 25% of the families reached via internal referrals, or families seeking other types of support from their agency.

  • What do matches do when they meet?
    Matches have the ability to determine what they want to do when they meet, and it can vary from week to week. Some examples of match activities include; hiking, biking, cooking, baking, arts and crafts, fishing, stand up paddle boarding, rock climbing, reading, watching movies, gardening, reading, lawn games, etc. You get the idea; the sky is the limit!
  • How often do matches meet?
    Matches are encouraged to meet once a week for two to three hours on average.
  • How are Chaffee County Mentors funded?
    Prevention work is important to our local government too, which therefore supports our program. Many of the dollars for program operations come from grants and community donations.
  • What if I’m a mentor and am going to be gone for a couple of weeks?
    For prolonged time away, program staff can jump in and spend time with your mentee-remember, we like to think young people are fun to hang out with too! Also, thanks to technology, even when you are away for an extended time, you can still maintain contact.
  • How can I refer a teen to take one of the secondary prevention classes?
    Contact James Fenwick at
  • How does a teen join the youth council in Salida or BV?
    Simply come to one of the standing meetings 1x week at the Salida or Buena Vista High School - always accepting new members. Contact: Dibby Olson,
  • How often does Youth In Action meet?
    Once a week during the school year, Mondays in BV and Tuesdays in Salida
  • How is YIA funded?
    Prevention work is important to our local government too, which therefore supports our program. Many of the dollars for program operations come from grants and community donations.
  • What does the program consist of?
    The program is voluntary, but it requires your agreement to actively participate by establishing goals and working to achieve those goals. The case manager will assist by supporting your efforts and meeting on a regular basis to encourage and connect you with the resources you need to be successful.
  • Can my family participate without a referral?
    No. Referrals are submitted to the program through Chaffee County Child Protection Services or other community organizations.

Join Us

Life hits us all hard sometimes. Community Partnerships for Families is a program that meets families where they are and can give them a hand up to help them get back where they want to be.

Donna Golden Family Program Coordinator
Contact at 719-530-2576 to learn more about our Individualized Case Management program.

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Testimonials & Impact

"I want to thank Community Partnership for Families team, for their support aiding my family and me into a brighter tomorrow. Donna is the sweetest, she was insightful, and helpful and empowered me to make some important life decisions. She took time to get to know me and listen to my family’s needs. I believe she went above and beyond her duties. She even assisted with me meeting positive lifelong friends. Thank you, Donna. THANK YOU Community Partnership for Families…

- Melissa



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FYI Programs

As a community-driven organization, our programs meet those we serve where they're at for a widespread, positive change.


Learn, develop, and acquire valuable life skills. 


Healthy households are the foundation of thriving communities.


Create positive mentoring relationships.


Case management, service linkages, and community support.


Promote positive youth development and work towards long-term systemic change.


Prevention starts with listening.

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