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Guiding Good Choices  Summer 2022

Program Goals

Guiding Good Choices (GGC) promotes healthy, protective parent–child interactions and addresses children’s risk for early substance use.

The program is for families of children in grades 4–8 (ages 9–14).

Program Activities

GGC is a multimedia family-competency training program. The program is delivered in five weekly sessions specifically designed to strengthen parents’ family management skills, parent–child bonding, and children’s peer-resistance skills. Children are required to attend one session, which concentrates on peer pressure. The other four sessions involve only parents and include instruction in four areas:

  • Identifying risk factors for adolescent substance use and creating strategies to enhance the family’s protective processes

  • Developing effective parenting skills, particularly those regarding substance use issues

  • Managing anger and family conflict

  • Providing opportunities for positive child involvement in family activities


To learn more contact:

Caroline Brackmann at 719-530-2535,

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