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Interested in Becoming a Mentor?

What is a Mentor? 

Position summary: Each volunteer mentor provides companionship and support to one Chaffee County youth age 7-21.  Mentors develop a relationship with the youth and act as a positive role model.  Mentors share everyday activities: playing sports, seeing movies, cooking, going over school work, taking walks, volunteering in their communities, or just hanging out together. A Mentor can help a child discover a world of possibilities and opportunities simply by being a genuine friend. Mentors do not play a parental or guardian role in the life of their mentee. Because mentors are a positive role model it is important that our mentors are good listeners, have an open mind, show consistency, and are dependable.

Qualifications: A genuine interest in young people and a willingness to help a child grow.


  1. Ability and interest in working with potentially troubled youth

  2. Sensitivity

  3. Commitment to mentorship and to the program for a minimum of one year

  4. At least 21 years of age



What kinds of activities can we do?

  • One-on-one – Mentor/mentee ‘matches’ engage in activities that can be fun and exciting or laid back and relaxing.  Many of our mentor/mentee matches participate in activities from skiing to playing chess to rafting to chatting over a cup of hot chocolate.  A match is made according to shared interests of both the mentor and mentee and one-on-one activities are determined by the ‘match’.

  • Group – Every month matches and those waiting to be matched are invited to a fun group activity. These activities are organized by Mentor staff and are a ton of fun! Some activities are traditional like our annual Back to School BBQ or our Monarch Ski Day; and others are based on interests of active matches like a recent self-defense class or pickle-ball session.

How often do we get to hang out?

Most matches meet one-on-one 2-4 times a month for a couple hours at a time based on the youths need and the mentors schedule.

How long are we matched? 

Mentors commit to a minimum year match with a youth as research shows that less than a year is not effective. Many of our matches decide to recommit to a second and third year and some even longer!

Do I need any special skills?

You just need to be passionate about supporting positive youth development. We will offer training and support to take care of the rest.

What if I need some extra support for my mentee?

Mentor staff offer monthly networking and support meetings for all mentors. Meetings are an opportunity to learn and grow our skills in order to support your mentee in the best way possible. Mentor staff are also available to meet one-on-one to brainstorm and problem solve if you need additional support.

Okay so this match process sounds like a big deal… how does it work?

Every month mentor staff review applications, if there is a good fit based on interests and needs we will 1) facilitate a introduction meeting 2) engage in a trial 30-60 day match 3) finalize a match. Staff check in with all parties at each stage to make sure it is a good fit.

I am in!!! What are the basic steps to become a Mentor? 

  1. Contact FYI’s Mentor Staff Kenny Wilcox at 719-530-2500 or by filling out the contact form below. We will answer all your mentoring questions and support you though the application process and beyond!

  2. Complete a Mentor Application and give Mentor Reference Form to one professional and two personal references (three total references). You can track your progress with the Mentor Application Checklist

  3. Sign Background Check Policy, Background Check AgreementCode of EthicsCCDHS Confidentiality AgreementFYI Confidentiality AgreementPermission to Release Driving Record, and Vehicle Waiver.

  4. Complete fingerprint process

  5. Pass background checks (we facilitate this process)

  6. Interview

  7. Participate in mentor training.


With a little time, you can make a BIG difference for a youth in our community

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