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Andrea Schulz-Ward

Community Collaboration Coordinator

Andrea has dedicated her career to working with underserved populations since 1996. From working with rural mountain communities in the Himalayas to Colorado, the goal is to engage multiple stakeholders creating equal opportunities for all members of society.  Her degree from the University of Denver paved her way in sustainable development where she took the opportunity to work with international communities struggling with poverty.  Salida has been her home base since 2000 and her commitment to societal health and well-being continues here.  In October 2020, Andrea became a part of the FYI team as the Communities that Care Facilitator.  Her global experience in community engagement,  gender equity, multiple stakeholder facilitation and program management make her a valuable addition to the team. 


Andrea enjoys tackling adventures with her son and husband including mountain biking, river surfing, fly fishing, skiing and saying “yes” to new challenges.  She is an advocate for social and environmental justice.  


To contact Andrea Schulz-Ward, Communities that Care Facilitator, call 719-530-2575, email

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